The-Limitless Business Review, DO NOT JOIN before reading this…

Hi everyone, welcome to my review on a new business called The-Limitless.

There has been a lot of buzz on social media like facebook, twitter & instagram about the new company lately. And so I decided to investigate, review and assess what is this about…

The following questions comes in my mind:

  • Is this just another regular network marketing company?
  • Or something revolutionary to take MLM & Network Marketing to a whole innovative & upgraded level?
  • Is it duplicable or easy to follow?
  • Are the products with high quality, effectively useful and affordable?
  • What about legalities and its Financial Rewards Program, does it make stand out from the rest?
  • Does The-Limitless designed and created to make you fire your boss?
  • How about the stability and marketing concept?

In this thorough review, first, I suggest that we take a quick look and leave hearsay aside and possibly, finally find out the truth and behind the scenes “secrets” that most likely will SHOCK YOU!


The-Limitless Review: The Company, The-Limitless Innovations Marketing Ventures Inc

Gray Gold

The Limitless is the brain child of Johnny C. Bodegas, as the CEO andMark Deximo as CFO. They are well known to be successful Self-made Millionaires in the Network Marketing Industry in the Philippines and they penetrated global markets in their previous business.

They are joined by Jan Nicole SacdalanBetina Aina Sacdalan and Hocky Zoilo Roqueza Flores to complete the Board of Directors. These three BODs are already very successful on their careers in the past. Each of them has a specific role to help the company up and running from finance, operation, marketing, training, IT and admin.

They have a complete team to develop a one of a kind, game changer, innovative and upgraded, never been done before Financial Rewards Program and Pro-Distributor mission.

So before we continue on this review, I would like to be honest with you and tell you that I actually recently joined The-Limitless…

Unlike all the other Affiliate/MLM reviews, I am NOT going to hype as my AIM is to give you a very informative details. Once you read this review all the way through the end and internalised it, you will see that it was not rocket science or a no-brainer at all.

Now let’s see what makes this company specially different from others…

Note: The company is in Pre-Launch period since last week of January 2016 and joining is currently by invitation only. The official Launch date has been planned on 3rd week of April 2016.

To secure a top spot in the company, click here and make a reservation. You will also be asked some questions and see if you can qualify.

The-Limitless Review: Products


The-Limitless nutrition and skin care products has unique selling propositions and state of the art packaging. Combined with affordability, usefulness, effectiveness and with high quality.  Below are some products that has been said to be first line products of The-Limitless.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now here’s a catch, you might be thinking like most of the Network Marketing Companies to stock up products in your garage (if you have one) in a monthly auto-order basis, but a big NO-NO for The-Limitless.

Once you are a The-Limitless member, you are entitled to a Buy One Take One lifetime promotion and also receive a Gift Certificate bonus for every Direct Referrals. I couldn’t imagine how many boxes of products that you need to stock in your car garage over time in such cases. I know that we don’t have much spaces in our house and it will be very troublesome and time consuming to deliver products to your customers at times. The-Limitless has an innovative solution for this just for you.

The company will has its own Online Store, of which you have a unique personalised website to monitor your online shop. Who’s managing it? The company provides all the online admin management and support needed for your online store and purchases made will be processed 100% online  and delivered by the company. You heard it right, overall, 90% effort by the company and 10% from you. You DO NOT have to stock-up products in your garage as the company provide space for you.

So you don’t have to worry about products space in your home. Unless you want to. It’s really a game changer and innovative move by the company.

The-Limitless Review: Financial Rewards Program

The-Limitless vision is to empower its distributors to unleash their limitless potential by enriching their lives with a revolutionary financial rewards program, leaving a legacy that future generations can be proud of and be a part of.

“The-Limitless has one of the most sought after Financial Rewards Program in the world today.”

It has two options. You decide whether you wish to create a part-time income through retail sales or build a full- time business. The company introduces an automated 4X4 system. It can be be more but this is how it do:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.42.12 PMSHARE

Share to 4 people you want to work with or anyone whom you think might be interested.

Refer those 4 people to be a part of the company and start doing the business.


Teach your 4 people how to do the same steps and the rest will be history.

10 Ways to Create Wealth

After reviewing hundreds of similar companies in the industry, this is considered as the highest compensation plan I have ever seen. It pays up to 85% overall which is double the industry standard. It only shows that the company is a pro-member program that would entirely benefits all the members.

Here is the latest video of The-Limitless and the Financial Rewards Program:

Direct Referral Commissions

All the Distributors are able to purchase products for Personal Use at a Discounted Price (Distributor’s Price). Distributors can enjoy up to 50% Discount. As additional privilege, the company is giving to all its Distributors a BUY 1 TAKE 1 Lifetime Benefit, hence, allowing the Distributors to earn up to 65% Retail Profit.

EXAMPLE:Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.33.08 PM

Purchase a product for 200Php Distributor’s Price and take home 2 sets of products because of the BUY 1 TAKE 1 Benefit. Sell each of the product for an SRP of 250Php – You earn a 300Php Retail Profit!

Purchase a product again for 200Php and repeat the steps 15 times for 1 month and that would be a 4,500Php Retail Profit for you.

Limitless Top-Up Commissions 

As your personally Sponsored Distributors increases, you are able to have greater chances to earn Limitless Top-Up Commissions from the product packages they sell.

This Financial Rewards Program enables you to earn 500Php for each of the 1st and 2nd product package sold by your 3rd, 4th, 5th personally Sponsored Distributor and onwards. It also enables you to earn 500Php from the succeeding 1st and 2nd product package sold by those who are being topped-up to you onwards. This scenario will continue down the line as long as it is stated as their 1st and 2nd product package sold, which makes it Limitless.Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.35.11 PM



Distributor X and Y are personally sponsored by Distributor 3 and Distributor A and B are personally sponsored by Distributor 4 which means they are being topped-up to you.


Sales Match Bonus Commissions

The-Limitless Product Packages are being sold by your team, sales volume is created by each of your left group and right group. As you earn Match Points from the product packages sold on your left group, it will be paired with the Match Points from the product packages sold on your right group. For every 1 Match Point being paired by the system, you will earn 1,000Php.Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.36.21 PM

The best part of this program is there’s no daily or weekly flush out! The company is implementing the “One Account Policy” which is the International Standard of Multi-Level Marketing which ensures the safety and stability of the company.

Every 5th paired Match Points you earned, you will accumulate Lifestyle Points which you can use to purchase your dream items starting from high-end gadgets, luxury watches, signature bags and dress up to a brand new car.


Leadership and Royalty.

As you and your team progress at The-Limitless, you’re able to earn 30% from the Sales Match Bonus Commissions of your personally sponsored distributors. And as a royalty bonus, you are entitled of 10% from the Sales Match Bonus Commissions of your 2nd and 3rd Generation distributors.

EXAMPLE: Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.40.01 PM.png

Distributor 1 and 2 is your direct referral, Distributor A is the direct referral of Distributor 2 (your 2nd Generation), and Distributor X is the direct referral of Distributor A (your 3rd Generation).

In this scenario,

Distributor 2 earned 40 paired Match Points = 40,000 PHP Distributor A earned 20 paired Match Points = 20,000 PHP Distributor X earned 10 paired Match Points = 10,000 PHP

Global Pool Profit Shares

As you become a Distributor of The-Limitless, you are entitled to earn a share of the total company’s global sales. Every time a sales come in, the company get a certain percentage from it and shares this amongst those who are qualified.

Unilevel Bonus CommissionsScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.46.11 PM

Enjoy rebates from the sales made by your team through our Unilevel Program. You are able to earn 1 Point Value for every 20Php amount of products purchased by distributors from 1st Generation (Level 1) up to 10th Generation (Level 10) of your team.

10% of the Point Values accumulated from Level 1 up to Level 10 are convertible to cash commissions.


To qualify for this program, you have to maintain at least 2,000Php worth of product purchase monthly. Not being able to maintain the minimum amount of product purchase required will not affect other Financial Rewards Program.


Travel Points

Enjoy travelling the world using our very own Travel Points. Earn 1 Point for every 50Php worth of product Repeat Purchase you made. All the Travel Points accumulated are convertible to equivalent vacation packages for the Travel Events that the company will hold.

Year Round Luxury Incentives

The-Limitless wants to reward you and recognise your success as you build your business. Our Year Round Luxury Incentive Program will enable you to enjoy the luxury lifestyle that your effort deserves.

Beside from our Year Round Luxury Incentive Program, you can enjoy having the luxury items you desire thru our 5th Pair Lifestyle Points that you are accumulating from the Sales Match Bonus.

Maximum Income Level-up

As you progress towards building your The-Limitless business, there are different ways to increase your Monthly Maximum Income from 1,000,000Php up to Limitless. We wanted you to earn what you deserve. Which is why, based on the time and effort you put into your business, you can maximise the potential of our Financial Rewards Program and experience Time and Financial Freedom.

What are the different packages and corresponding bonus/commissions that distributors will enjoy? The following table shows it depending on the package that you would like to avail.


It was noted that Blue Diamond and Black Diamond packages has corresponding special investor privileged like free Silver Packages and other exciting freebies that is enough for you to put up a satellite branch in your area of choice. Should you need further info on this, contact me personally for special appointment, offline or online.

Now here are some key points that on what you will get if you join The-Limitless:

  • One Time Payment
  • Value for Money
  • Highly Consumable Products
  • Unique Marketing Collaterals
  • Online Sales Website
  • Online Store
  • Online Monitoring Account
  • Privileged Card
  • and many more…

The-Limitless Review: The Verdict

I know that you are thinking that this review is biased. But let me tell you this..

I had never join on a company unless I know for sure 100% that my team members will make money. That’s why I joined SWA Ultimate before 2 years ago because it was all about making money that can be done 100% online even without quitting my job. It’s true that there’s a big difference between joining only and join with action, but we have to accept the fact that not all are willing to do this kind of business due to certain reasons.

I love the fact that my active members were making money and most of them make their lives more better. Making a difference by helping others achieve their dreams.

Now, with The-Limitless, it will take the industry to the next level of eCommerce, eMarketing like no one ever deed without a hefty price. It’s key benefits gonna be a game changer like lifetime 50% to all distributors, global pool profit share, limitless top-up/pass-up commissions, travel incentives, luxury bonus and many more exciting promotions.

Also, for all the Network Marketing builders out there, this compensation plan pays out the MOST. I had never seen any other compensation plan come close after reviewing hundreds.

So I know you are a smart person and you see this has a ton of potential…

You are probably getting ready to get started…

Now why choose me as your Sponsor?

I am one of the Top Leader/Mentor in my previous company and secured a Top Slot on The-Limitless way before it starting to create a buzz.

What does that mean to you? Well, when you join my team, you will get a ton of spillovers and my strategy is… I will placing all my members on my outside leg.

Not only that I have made over P500,000 in sales in my previous internet business in just a short span. And teach my team to be top leaders of their own team. I am actually active & well versed in Online Marketing Business and so I am qualified to teach you. 😉

It does not matter if you want to refer members or not. As the-limitless has money back guarantee with its Global Pool Profit Share program + the product package of your choice.

For Business Builders and Big Leader in Other Companies:

If you are keen to to be a BIG Business Leader in The-Limitless, I have one Founder position in the company and we are looking to partner up with other Leaders. You will be placed directly at the top of a dual team. But, right now it’s by invitation only…

We are expecting over 100,000 members this year so imagine how big your potential earnings would be for you.

The-Limitless will have a soft launch on April 2016 and official Launch on May 21, 2016. So if you are really serious and have a good track record in building business, click here and be included on the list for short listing. I will send you an email and all you have to do is reply and tell me you are in.

This is for Everyone!:

When you join my team, you will enjoy the following exclusive bonuses for joining:

  • Free eBooks for your Internet Marketing & Personal Development
  • Online tutorial via skype, messenger, etc.
  • Free Customised Marketing ads
  • Sponsor More Downlines Tutorial
  • How to Answer Objections Tutorial
  • I will give you access to my personal FB support groups where you will have my team members helping each other
  • Access to The-Limitless FB support group where you can every member supporting each other to achieve success, marketing materials for copy/paste, photos for ads, updates, etc.

Click Here to Get Started

Note – Right now you will be on the waiting list because the company hasn’t launched, but if you are a business builder get on the list and contact me.

All of my team members that join me can give away these bonuses as an incentive.

I hope you enjoyed my The-Limitless review and if you have any questions before you get started, leave a comment below and I will answer asap.

Bless Others and Be Blessed,

Erick Pader




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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so interested, please email me the details on how to get started. Thanks.


    1. Erick Pader says:

      Hi, thanks for your interest. Kindly add or PM me on Facebook at to give you details on how to get started. Cheers


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