An Open Letter, “Please Stop…”, to Mar Roxas from a UPLB Grad NetizenWent Viral Online


This ordinary beautiful netizen whose roots are from Leyte and graduated at the University of the Philippines Los Baños has wrote an open letter that went viral on Social Networking Sites.

The letter posted on her facebook account was directed to Mar Roxas, a former DILG & DOTC Secretary of the Philippines, now running for the highest post in the land, seeking to be elected as President this coming Philippine May 2016 Election. Below are what she wrote on her facebook post.

Dear Mar Roxas,

1. Please stop requiring Government employees to vote for you. They have been serving this country for years, let them serve their hearts’ interests this time.
2. Please stop saying all pending projects of the LGU will not be funded if you lose in this coming election. These projects are for the welfare of your countrymen, not to be delayed for its recognition under your supposed administration and not to be rejected should you lose.
3. Please stop requiring Filipino Soldiers to check your name on their ballots. If they want Duterte, kindly give them that. They have already given up most of their desires in life to protect this country.
4. Please stop saying 4Ps members will no longer be receiving their monthly allowance once you lose and saying instead that you will have it increased once you win. Most members of rural communities will be willing to exchange their votes just to have the money they will need to sustain their hungry families every single day. Survival is their topmost priority. Stop depriving them of what you have been depriving them for years.
5. Please stop taking the OFWs’ right to vote. You have already taken from them their right to live a better life in this country by being corrupt and pretentious. Let them grab the chance to help bring change in this country by not voting for you.

Lastly, SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT YOLANDA AND TACLOBAN. Naa lagi ka didto pero wala kay tabang buanga ka. Mas yawa pa kang Binay sa tinuod lang yaek.

With hate & so much more,




After her post went viral on social media, she has been receiving a bunch of comments and concerns. But this is her fearless response:

The post I made was not meant to go viral. But the fact that some people are telling me to take it down or watch out for my life from now on is exactly why we have to fight for a change in the current system. You argue a lot about living in fear under Duterte’s rule but you haven’t noticed the fear that has crippled you all these years. You are more concerned with your safety than the life of the future generations. Mga labad mong tanan.

Below screenshot is her facebook post that went viral.


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24 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    mar will not make it unless….


  2. Anonymous says:

    Freedom of speech


  3. miles says:

    A courageous lady.
    I salute you for that..all well said!


  4. wilmer andrada says:

    If there is enough evidence of your accusations, these are serious allegations and should be called to the attention of the COMELEC as well as a Senate investigation to this matter.


  5. sunken_garden says:

    It would have been even better if the allegations have credible proof.


  6. Albrecht says:

    I do not think people need to make false accusations to Mar Roxas since he is shaming himself in front of not just the whole country but internationally as well! May isa pang hindi natigilan ung sarili nya na kampihan si Mar! Well the bald guy is self destructing himself with the comments he is making. More self destructing comments to come i guess..

    I salute all the dutertards out there who are not afraid to speak the truth.. Its better to die fighting and saying what is right than to live a life full of lies, pretentions and corruption!


  7. ana mae says:

    thank you for the letter maam many are feared because of threats of this boang guy acting like a hero but making his self look like idiot..


  8. Anonymous says:

    Makes one think that maybe…just maybe … our country has a future if all our youth thinks and feels like her.


  9. Gie Balberan says:

    Walang mali,pero mali para sa mga taong ayaw gumising sa katotohanan,,,,kaya,,,let us be one,,,work hand in hand to make change this corrupt government,,,,,#VoteDuterteCayetano ipanalo para sa pamilyang Pilipino ❤ ❤ ❤ salute u young girl,,,,,


  10. Ralf ralf says:


    To binay: Cant answer accusations against him. His appearance seems like it really represent the so called ” masa ” but in reality, it’s their family’s self interest as well as the capitalists. Your greediness is darker than you. The overpricing and kickbacks from cake, osmak, senior citizens and infrastructure are not heresays but was confessed by some people of Makati.

    To Roxas: a really, really, really pretentious leader. The pa cutes whenever there are mediamen are not makeup stories ( social media witnessed it and especially when you’ve mentioned where can you get drugs, man that’s a hightlight of your desperation ). You and pnoy attacked your enemies even it will affect or compromise the interest of the people. The only way that you can win is because of your machineries funded by.. I dont know.. The country is not ready yet to accept you as the next president and it will never will because your antics speak for itself. I have friends abroad who witnessed the Maripulation.tsk.

    To Poe: im a fan of your late dad. Mam, will all due respect, you let our Constitution died because of your ambition. How come a person like you can influenced the SC given the fact that the span of time as a politician? Sirit na, sino kakuntsaba mo? It was all planned the moment you left the US? I believed that you are a good leader but not good enough to cure the cancer within the cancer of the country, like, perhaps, ummm, aha, your qualifications! There are other similar case like yours and yet they were all denied. Not a single reason why the Constitution should be sacrificed for you. Please step aside with decency and I shall respect you for the rest of my life.

    Honestly and proudly, Im a Duterte fan not because I love action movies but the acts performed by the actors. He sacrificed many lives, including his, just for the welfare of the majority and the generations to come. Why not give this man a chance to lead us? And if he failed, that’s the time we can choose among Poe, Binay and Roxas or the so called the traditional ones where same problems will occur and all we need to do is to wait for another six years for the next traditional president. If ever granted that the country can be represented by the trio as our presidents, I dont think an inch of chance will happen because of personal interest. The people’s interest is the only interest we can prioritize and we must forced them to be armed with discipline and patriotism- and if that happened, ladies and gentlemen, we have now a competent country.

    To Santiago: Im a fan. Please give way to digong and backout from the race and endorse him as the next leader who can really make things happen. If you do that Mam, the country will love you to the fullest whether the outcome is positive or negative because it will also show that u love our country as to the extent as the law shall require.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Freedom of expression.



  12. baller says:

    the thing she said about government employees being required to vote for mar or they will lose their jobs is actually true..a friend of mine who went to roxas city in capiz received complaints from his relatives who are government workers about this..


  13. Teresa aninon says:

    Very 👍 nice, cool most of all so true.
    Good job young lady.


  14. cygalot says:

    totoo ang lahat na sinabi mo. mabuhay tayong lahat na natuto na at gising na sa katotohanan. go go go.


  15. maribel ayson says:

    I salute you for your courage!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Anonymous says:

    accuupp boulevard!!! go go girl!! saludo ako sa iyo sa sobrang tapang mo! #taclobancomicsisarealmy


  17. Anonymous says:

    As of this time 1800 hours March 31, 2016. The facebook account of Miss Rachel Amestoso cannot be access. News updates on the net that she has been receiving death threats. May God guide her and keep her safe.


  18. Wala akong nakikitang kamalian sa sulat na ito, tayong lahat ay may karapatan na mag hayag kung ano man ang saloubin natin, For this lady I salute you… kung buhay lang ang pag uusapan kung mananalo si Roxas hindi lang buhay nang isang tao ang maging delikado kung hindi buhay nang lahat nang mamamayan.


  19. Duterte says:

    Sapol ka mar roxas pretentious leader , patay ka dyan sampal yan sayo mismong taga leyte na nagsalita😈😈😆😆😆


  20. Duterte says:

    Sapol ka martuwad


  21. Editha Brucal says:

    saludo ako sa mga katulad mo matapang ka at nay determinasyon ipagpatuloy mo ang pafiging totoong tao sapagkat ang Dios ay d natutulog para sa mga katulad natin na nagnanais ng pagbabago mag kaisa tayong lahat para kay Duterte at caytano


  22. rodel delos santos says:

    very well said madam! thank you for having you out there telling about other people what they feel but can’t express because of reprisal of others concern.


  23. Anonymous says:

    an open letter to mar rojas, when i read it tama naman eye opener nga ito. hindi lang po c mar rojas para po sa lahat ng presidentiables not brag about government project pera ng mamamayan ang ginastos po sa lahat na yan hindi po galing sa bulsa ninyo po yan. yet ang masama po doon imbis dagdagan kinupitan pa . kaya ang project ay isang concrete na tulay. dumating sa barangay kawayan na tulay. kitang kita namin lahat yan. alam namin yan,qqqqalam lahat ng pilipino nag hihintay lang ng tamang panahon at leader na tatayo . a person who is true and sincere in his service to his country and to his countrymen.kung sakaling mag bibigay ng pera or bribe po kayo mga kababayan tangapin po ninyo ang pera nila . barya lang po yan ng kinuha nila sa kaban ng bayan natin. but vote for your choice…. hwag natin palampasin ang chance ng marinig nila ang ating pang kabuuhan na boses … our voice ,our decision for this country maririnig nila through our votes…isigaw natin lahat we want change ready na po ba tayo?


  24. Elma li says:

    1 love her for that. She’s real and objective. Straight forward of her message which has real sense and Must be thought of by all. Am praying for you and the whole Philippines as well. Young as she is…. She has the guts to tell all the whole truth of how this corrupt candidate is manipulating to pursue his personal evil, selfish vested interest.


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