Monspace Shareholder Review

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 MONSPACE is not taking just the WORLD by STORM, but RESHAPING the world and creating a NEW LEGEND!



In just 1 and a half years, MonSpace progressively became a well-diversed company in the business world. The MonSpace Headquarters resides in the two economically powerful cities, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Chongqing (China). The headquarters in Malaysia is located at “The Earth @ Bukit Jalil” along with several more businesses established by the company. Beginning from just an E-Commerce store, Monspace established a conglomerate that consist of companies ranging from several industries such as Telecommunication, Real Estate, Technology, Security, Finance, Media & Entertainment, Airline, and many more. Monspace businesses have evolved from virtual to physical, making dreams to reality!

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  1. Communication Industry, Advance TC Limited (Stock code: A88) (Australia)
  2. Real Estate (Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca Strait Resort)
  3. To participate in the construction of Vietnam’s Hai Phong City along with the Chinese government
  4. The domestic processing industry (Chongqing Lin Jie Aluminum) in China
  5. Participating in the establishment of 5600 Hope School in China
  6. Monspace International Bank
  7. The online store have opened Monspace Mall, headquarters is in Beijing (China).
  8. Project in cooperation with the Korea Electric Power Corporation
  9. Monspace Airlines purchased 6 Boeng 737 aeroplanes
  10. To set up a movie and communication company Starlight Avenue with Jackie Chan, Maria Cordero, Malaysian artists and more artistic collaboration to set up “DreamWorks”
  11. Tourist destination in Malaysia: Monspace Island (Langkawi) & Pulau Malacca (Malacca) with apartments, SOHO, shopping malls & many more
  12. Monspace first business to list in US is Monspace Mall (eCommerce) on the 1st November 2016 in the United States (NASDAQ)
  13. Monspace have ventured into Agriculture (Monspace Agro) which will be listed in US on May 2017.

MONSPACE has grown exponentially since its founding in 2014. On 16 March 2016, the corporation held a business briefing to summarise its work in 2016 and make plans for 2017. I conducted the meeting while the heads of each department provided annual reports. These companies/departments include sofo, a88, e-commerce, telecommunications, health and fitness, hospitality and tourism, F&B, beauty, and entertainment.

The meeting was productive, with each department reporting their work in detail. Other participants were proactive and engaging, asking many questions to help everyone deepen their understanding of business in future.

The corporation’s goal in 2017 is to expand and innovate. Building on existing assets, MONSPACE will invest heavily in new industries to increase revenue.

1. International expansion. Last year, the corporation stabilised their presence in China, and further expanded into the Middle East and Hong Kong. In 2017, efforts as such needs to be strengthened. MONSPACE will be exploring even more international markets that can be tapped, becoming a corporation that is truly global.

2. Full realisation of corporate work requirements. This is to ensure that MONSPACE sees better growth in 2017 than it did last year. Work across each department has to be streamlined, and every leader has to embody the corporate culture of MONSPACE, which is to deliver results, work in harmony, and discharge responsibilities.

3. Top-notch corporate culture and talents. MONSPACE needs to focus on developing talents in order to support the growth and innovation of the corporation.

4. Explore new industries. Last year, the corporation expanded into multiple new industries, such as health and fitness, agriculture, F&B, beauty, and aviation. This year, MONSPACE seeks to build on that momentum.

5. High efficiency. Holding itself against industry standards, MONSPACE seeks to outdo the market with its operational efficiency, and aims to become the top 3 corporation nationally, and later internationally.

The corporation’s goal is to expand into a global market, and to make MONSPACE a number one corporate brand. I encouraged all departments to strengthen their communication with each other, and to draw from each other’s strengths to become better together this 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is MonSpace a Scam or Money Game?

    No. There are no longer money game companies that are able to maintain and sustain beyond one year in the China market. Also, there are no money game companies that will be able to be listed in NASDAQ (OTC Markets). Check out Monspace company overview on Bloomberg. Click here for the live listing activities.

  2. What business is Monspace involved in?

    Monspace have several businesses including E-Commerce (Monspace Mall), Real State Properties, Tourism, Airline, Telecommunication, Social Media, Koperasi Monspace Bhd, Beauty, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Finance, Media & Communication, Health, Security, Hotel, Factories, Development, and Schools.

  3. Where is the Company headquarters?

    The Earth @ Bukit Jalil, 43300 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    4. Has anyone succeeded and gained financial freedom with Monspace?

    Yes, Monspace has produced 30,000 millionaires in China.

    5. How many members have joined Monspace up to date?

    14 million in total (7 million from China, 6 million from other countries inclusive of Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Middle East, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, USA, India, etc). Malaysia has over 100,000 members, leaving a very huge market!

    6. How much is 1 lot for the Shareholders Plan?

    Malaysian Ringgit (RM):

    RM6600 (1 lot) + 600 (ordinary member plan) + 80 (registration fees) = RM6680

    * not inclusive of the registration for Koperasi Monspace (RM50)

    Philippine Peso (PHP):

    PHP82,000 + 8,200 (ordinary member plan) + 1,100(registration fee) = PHP 91,300

    7. What is an IPO?
    Initial Public Offering (IPO) are stocks of a private company that is made available to the public for the first time at a lower price. That is how Monspace makes it affordable to the shareholders. IPO in US Stock Market – OTC QB will be listed on Dec 1, 2017.
    8. What is NASDAQ (US)?
    NASDAQ is an electronic marketplace to trade securities. It is the second largest exchange in the world after New York exchange.
    9. What is OTC Markets?
    Similar to a broker, OTC Market provides information of a company to the clients, such as the price and liquidity. OTC Market only accepts companies which fulfills the requirements.
    10. How is Monspace listed in NASDAQ?
    Monspace has an excellent track record and is able to gather 17 million members in the span of 3 years. Monspace also has a high profit record.

          11. Aside from the plans, what will I get upon registration?

We will provide you with the system, including the steps and directions, which is proven and has produced several millionaires in a short time span.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. gideon Simelane says:

    I have joined from Swaziland , but they were not specific on the benefits of joining moon space


    1. Erick Pader says:

      HI Gideon, you may want to explore my team website for updated info @


  2. Melfrenina Dano says:

    hello po sir erick…Sir ask lang po sana ako,ano po ang gagawin ko sa shareholder of now wla po akong nakita na msdollar ng appear.encode po ako last aug.26,2017…wala po akong ibang matatanungan.can u please me po sir


    1. Erick Pader says:

      Hi Melfrenina, Thank you for your comment and query. Please check your Shareholder Plan if DC or AIDC. If DC registered, there is no MSD. If AIDC account, there should be 8000 MSD. Add me on facebook and send me a message on my inbox.


  3. Keshar Chemjong says:

    I want to registration with i can


    1. Erick Pader says:

      Hi Keshar, you may want to connect legit Monspace members. I can linked you up. Add me on facebook and send me a message on my inbox.


  4. Girlie says:

    Is it true tht they are using mscoin?


    1. Erick Pader says:

      Hi Girlie, you may want to connect legit Monspace members. I can linked you up. Add me on facebook and send me a message on my inbox.


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