The world’s first cryptocurrency bank will be launching this first quarter of this year 2018. Monspace group of companies and CEO, Dato Sri Jessy Lai, announced on a live broadcast on social media and facebook last Dec 28, 2017. Monspace Multinational Corporation has more than 20 business entities in more than 8 industries including e-commerce, real estate, telecommunication, agriculture, fashion, food & beverage, entertainment, Aviation, Infocomm Technology, hotel and restaurants, etc. It has more than 18 million members across the globe.

Recently, Monspace just launched their own blockchain technology in cryptocurrency called MSD last October 1, 2017 and now it is listed on the .

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.32.13 PM.png

MONSPACE BANK on it’s final stage to be open first at Hong Kong. Mobile Banking Apps for Android and Apple IOS soon to be launched.

Words from the CEO:
“3 Years ago, we told you Monspace Bank project is announced, 2 years ago we told you Monspace Bank is in progress, and today we tell you that Monspace Bank is in countdown stage!”

Monspace Bank is now in Beta version, it is undergoing testing to prevent from being hacked, and once the testings is over, Monspace Bank will be officially launch and all Monspace family members can start to register and open account! 

Watch the full Monspace Business Perspective 2017 here.

Currently, the value of MSD is fluctuating from $0.008 – $0.016. With the recent announcement of the launching of Monspace Bank wherein, MSD and Electronic Currency will also be accepted in for bank transactions, it will surely attract more investors and more merchants to utilise MSD as mode of payments and investment opportunities. And therefore, it will be a big boost for the uptrend value of MSD.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Rieo B Rani says:

    Hope monspace becoming the world best cyrpto bank for us (monspace member)
    Thank you Dato Jessy Lai for helping us and world to let us make it our dream comes true.
    From me:Rieo .B.R(Bru)


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