What is SOFO Health Sharing Economy?

This project will upgrade public seating with Massage Chairs, you can participate in this health sharing economy program by becoming a Monspace affiliate member and purchasing a SOFO package.

What is sharing economy? A trend that you must know, starts changing the traditional consumer behaviour!

Sharing Econmy platform.jpg

Sharing Economy is also known as collaborative consumption, collaborative economy, or peer economy. It refers to a hybrid market model of peer-to-peer exchange.

Such transactions are often facilitated via community-based online services. Uberization is also an alternative name for the phenomenon.

2019 most exclusive business model! Sharing Economy,

🚕 Sharing Economy Transportation “Uber & Grab”

🏢Sharing Economy Housing “Airbnb”

Sharing Economy enhance the convenience and experience of car travelling and accommodation, at the same time, it also created thousands of profitable business opportunities for participants!!

Asia’s first smart sharing economy massage chair, SOFO created a new “sharing economy massage chair” business opportunity. Its soon subvert the Asian massage chair market.

#Monspace #SOFO is a great business opportunity which is supported by a Health Sharing economy;

There is;
1. No Direct Selling required
2. No Recommendation required
3. Potential Global market
4. Great products and services with membership perks
5. No Forced Purchase

So if you are interested, drop a comment below and we will contact you soonest. Get started NOW.



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